To those of you not as emotionally invested in your ego as Alex Jones, but who are perhaps nevertheless embarrassed at being fooled for the past decade: Let me remind you that I too was a total victim of the misdirection. Hook, line and you-know-what. Absent Agent Rossini’s ‘is’ slip, no epiphany, no research, no self-reflection, no essay.

Regarding Alex Jones, this is worth reiteration: in spite of my distaste for him as a egotist (and censorer), he’s the most well-informed, most powerful force in the Truth movement. If you don’t already, please do listen to him, and go to his websites. (Aside from his ego problem, he has other quirks: ‘Evolution is a fraud’ being perhaps my favorite, although his theory that the new Large Hadron Collider is some sort of elite conspiracy to poof out planet earth is up there too – giving aid and comfort to those who use ‘conspiracy theorist’ as an ad hominem attack phrase.)

But Jones breaks big stories and interviews really smart, important people. And the Watson brothers are excellent and prolific writers on his websites.

After the Alex Jones debacle I sent my O’Neill essay to my other favorite of the alternative media outlets, the one-man show called, with James Corbett. (Disinformation as with AI’s interview is much the exception at In my cover letter I expressed my outrage that Jones had censored my essay and banned me from a valuable forum.

Although Corbett wrote back that he saw my point(s) about O’Neill, he waffled about my conclusion. Significantly, he avoided altogether the issue of the Jones/Anti-Iluminati censorship and my banishment from the Forum. He went so far as to refer to my essay as ‘speculations’ and ‘irresponsible’ – as if it’s irresponsible to point out that the start date of O’Neill’s WTC security job was August 23, not September 10th or 11th, which is a matter of record, not speculation. And it is not speculation but simple logic that the 9/11 plotters would not have given a ‘real thing’ O’Neill three weeks to find the explosives with which the WTC was packed.

I believe that Corbett responded this way because he thinks so much of Alex Jones (and to a lesser extent Anti-Iluminati) and didn’t want to agree with me that Jones’s censoring was unconscionable. Therefore he had to nix my conclusion – and accuse me of irresponsibility.

Corbett more or less brought up my O’Neill analysis in his subsequent interview of Jim Marrs. Notice how Corbett leaves out the vital aspect of my view of how it went – the start date of O’Neill’s job.

Given that Jim Marrs is perhaps the granddad of ‘conspiracy theorists’ (in the non-negative sense), we might assume that he’s got as analytical a mind as any of us. (His JFK book, Crossfire is a seminal work on the subject.) Let’s do a little parsing with Jim, see how his denial is doing regarding the John O’Neill Legend:

…there were people (within the CIA and FBI)… who were trying to say we’re about to be attacked and al Qaeda is something we better start paying attention to…

In fact, Marrs’s over all view is right out of the John O’Neill Legend misdirection playbook. (To put it still another way: It wasn’t Osama bin Laden who we had to worry about, but rather Dick-fucking-Cheney!)

Do the orders still stand?’

To come at this from a direction that Marrs himself might appreciate: Is this not the same sort of misdirection that was done (by CIA) in the way they set up Lee Harvey Oswald with ‘his’ trips to the Cuban and Soviet Embassies in Mexico City in the weeks before Dallas (apparently using look-alikes )?

With O’Neill, the death-faking, the martyrdom, was the linchpin in the misdirection.

‘John is a great guy.’


Some Googling

At this point let me outright blurt that which is in subtext throughout this essay. In a real investigation into deep state shenanigans one must assume that all information via the MSM or major publishing house books is in one way or another part of some ‘legend.’

So conclusions based on said information must be scrutinized mightily.

Also, any ‘fact’ or conclusion repeated over and over by the MSM is almost certainly false. (PBS’s The Man Who Knew should have been a dead giveaway -- although I’m fond of the unintended irony of the title.)

But this does not mean that the MSM is useless for ferreting out the truth. Far from it. Often, facts given are true, or nearly true; it’s the context/implied conclusion that is the disinformation. For continuity’s sake, let’s stick with Lawrence Wright, his The New Yorker article on John O’Neill of 02/14/02; let’s see what sort of truths regarding the John O’Neill Legend might be uncovered through Wright’s misinformation….

In Washington, O’Neill became part of a close-knit group of counter-terrorism experts which formed around Richard Clarke. In the web of federal agencies concerned with terrorism, Clarke was the spider. Everything that touched the web eventually came to his attention. The members of this inner circle, which was known as the Counter-terrorism Security Group (C.S.G.), were drawn mainly from the C.I.A., the National Security Council, and the upper tiers of the Defense Department, the Justice Department, and the State Department. They met every week in the White House Situation Room. “John could lead a discussion at that level,” R. P. Eddy, who was an N.S.C. director at the time, told me. “He was not just the guy you turned to for a situation report. He was the guy who would say the thing that everybody in the room wishes he had said.”

If I’ve ever heard a better description of a deep state inner cabal – and a member of one -- I can’t recall it.

He knew, yes.

‘Clarke was the spider,’ indeed! Remember how 9/11 families mobbed him in gratitude when he misdirected them with his pseudo-confessional ‘Your government failed you!’ testimony at the 9/11 Hearings?

More Wright, now regarding the run up to 9/11:

Meanwhile, intelligence had been streaming in concerning a likely Al Qaeda attack. “It all came together in the third week in June,” Clarke said. “The C.I.A.’s view was that a major terrorist attack was coming in the next several weeks.” On July 5th, Clarke summoned all the domestic security agencies—the Federal Aviation Administration, the Coast Guard, Customs, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the F.B.I.—and told them to increase their security in light of an impending attack.

More misdirection
Whether it was compartmentalized intel folks (non-colluders) who generated the warnings or whether it was part of the plan to criminalize bin Laden and al Qaeda later (a la ‘Oswald’s’ doings in Mexico), matters little. For our purposes, let’s look at the above in the context of some other Wright info. To sum up:

According to Wright, from the third week in June, intel had it that al Qaeda was bearing down on us, and by July 5th the situation was so serious that the above meeting was called, including of course the FBI.

Where was FBI Counter-Terrorism guru John O’Neill at this crucial time? He surely attended that meeting, right? I mean especially given his closeness to Clarke, plus Clarke’s exhortation to ‘increase [FBI] security.’

 O’Neill was in Spain to lecture Spanish police and to relax on the beach, arriving the very day (July 5th) of Clarke’s theoretically vital meeting about al Qaeda bearing down on us.

Wait. Give a lecture? Relax on the beach? WTF? According to our Pulitzer Prize-winning author, this behavior was perfectly logical.

And guess who accompanied John O’Neill on his Spanish sojourn? None other than Mark ‘John-is-a-great-guy’ Rossini, another important anti-terror guy.

Al Qaeda is poised for attack and two of our top terror guys are lecturing and relaxing on beaches…. (Let’s not forget O’Neill’s iterations of ‘something big is coming…’ and ‘al Qaeda wants to finish the [WTC] job.’ Ask yourself how it went: Was O’Neill shouting these warnings as he was packing his suntan oil and flip flops?)

Like so much else about the Legend, this doesn’t sound right, does it? It didn’t to me, so I did some googling. (It’s all a couple key strokes away, folks!) Here’s one thing I found; let’s quote verbatim from the History Commons 9/11 Timeline:

July 5-16, 2001: John O’Neill’s Movements in Spain Roughly Overlap with Those of 9/11 Hijackers and Associates

The movements of John O’Neill, the FBI manager responsible for tracking Osama bin Laden, appear to mirror those of the 9/11 hijackers and their associates while they are in Spain. Associates of the hijackers gather in Granada, in southern Spain, at the beginning of July (see July 6, 2001 and Shortly After). O’Neill arrives in Spain with some friends on July 5 and stays in Marbella until at least July 8. For at least part of the time in Marbella he is accompanied by Mark Rossini, an FBI agent currently detailed to Alec Station, the CIA’s bin Laden unit, who translates for O’Neill in Spain and whose friend lets O’Neill use his beach house. [WEISS, 2003, PP. 340-2; WRIGHT, 2006, PP. 316-7, 344-5] (Note: Marbella and Granada are both in the southern Spanish province of Andalusia, but are about 120 miles apart.) Lead hijacker Mohamed Atta then arrives in Madrid on July 8, leaving on July 9. [9/11 COMMISSION, 7/24/2004, PP. 244] O’Neill and Rossini arrive in Madrid on July 9 and O’Neill gives a speech to the Spanish Police Foundation there on July 10. [SPANISH POLICE FOUNDATION, 7/10/2001; WEISS, 2003, PP. 340-2] After leaving Madrid, Atta travels to Catalonia, where he meets Ramzi bin al-Shibh and possibly other associates (see July 8-19, 2001). The authors of The Cell, one of whom—John Miller—was a close friend of O’Neill’s, will say O’Neill also visits the same part of Catalonia to make a speech at some point on his trip to Spain (note: it is unclear whether this is just a garbled account of his speech in Madrid, or whether he made two speeches). They will also say that he and Atta even stay at the same hotel, the Casablanca Playa in the small town of Salou, but at different times. [MILLER, STONE, AND MITCHELL, 2002, PP. 289-90, 293] O’Neill leaves Spain on July 16, so he and his girlfriend Valerie James would probably be in the Salou area at around the same time as Atta, bin al-Shibh, and their associates. [WEISS, 2003, PP. 340-2] The overlap between the 9/11 operatives on the one hand and O’Neill and Rossini on the other is usually ignored in media accounts, but the episode in Salou is mentioned in The Cell, which indicates it is a mere coincidence. [MILLER, STONE, AND MITCHELL, 2002, PP. 289-90]
Entity Tags: Mohamed Atta, John O’Neill, Mark Rossini, Ramzi bin al-Shibh
Timeline Tags: Complete 911 Timeline, 9/11 Timeline

Let’s sum this up for clarity’s sake, and employ a rhetorical to do so:

Do you believe it was a coincidence that the FBI’s top al Qaeda hunter, along with his devoted sidekick, were in the same hotel in the same small town in the same foreign country at the same time ‘lead hijacker’ Mohammed Atta conducted a final-plan meeting just weeks before 9/11?

I’ll eschew smart-alecky remarks and just assume your answer is No. Okay, then, what does this mean – staying on-subject – for the John O’Neill Legend?

9/11 researcher Barbara Honegger has analyzed this matter, coming to the conclusion that O’Neill and Rossini were there to bug Atta’s room. In other words, they were there as the al Qaeda hunters they are billed as, and the ‘lecture tour’ and ‘beach relaxation’ were cover stories. That’s certainly one possibility. Honegger writes:

O’Neill and his agency, the Bush administration’s FBI, thus knew every detail, or nearly every detail, of the planned 9/11 plot at least two months in advance.

But a couple questions arise: If O’Neill knew the plan, why did he let it go ahead? And, obviously: Why did he let himself be killed?

Well, maybe because…

You can parse and sub-dissect possibilities all you want (in defense of the Legend) but how do you get around this one?: If O’Neill was so deep into chasing al Qaeda bad guys, why would he return from Spain (where he was chasing al Qaeda bad guys) and quit the FBI in disgust that he was being thwarted in his chasing of al Qaeda bad guys?


Honegger fails to ask the above questions as she fails to bring up a second possibility for O’Neill/Rossini’s proximity to Atta et al. at the time of the attack’s final powwow: He and Rossini were there to participate, lay the final groundwork, and/or perhaps – and I lapse into sub-speculation – give Atta his traveling papers (and plastic surgeon reference) to Ken Lay-land, likely somewhere south of the equator, and where O’Neill would soon join him – or where more likely Atta would be summarily offed; given his big mouth and predilection for Peruvian happy powder, this scenario seems more likely.

(Honegger’s failure to even consider this possibility brings us back to the superb misdirection affected by the master-stroke – Hauer’s idea, I’d bet – of O’Neill ‘dying’ on 9/11. She, like everyone else, just couldn’t get past that.)

It’s interesting to speculate but who knows? I mean, other than the fact that, unless a truly one in a million coincidence transpired (the same hotel?), another, perhaps final, nail is now firmly driven into the Legend’s coffin.

Or perhaps the above is only the penultimate nail, for I have another question, and it’s a really simple one: Where was John O’Neill and what was he doing on the morning of 9/11 between 8:46 (the first plane hit) and 10:03 (the first tower disintegration)?

I’ve read all the timelines and most of the books. Most of the details regarding O’Neill’s actions during this most critical time come via The Looming Tower. Wright claims O’Neill made a few (self-serving) calls to loved ones. And that’s virtually it. Next thing it’s a week later and Jerome Hauer is identifying some body parts as the last remains of John O’Neill.

On the level of actively saving lives, on the morning of 9/11, between the times given, John O’Neill had the most important job on planet earth.

And as far as we know, he did… nothing. No calls to Giuliani or to Washington or to Port Authority Officials or to the FAA (to see if other planes were on the way) or to maintenance people or security underlings… or to anyone… except to tell his lovers and family that he’s upset (Wright, The Looming Tower). As far as we know, the WTC Head of Security made no official phone calls for the hour and twenty minutes between the first plane strike and the first building collapse.

Here’s the ‘on record’ last sighting of John O’Neill, via The Man Who Warned America:

In the minutes after the attack, O'Neill makes his way to the command center that had been set up. There he sees FBI agent Wesley Wong. Wong would tell Esquire magazine later, "He was in FBI mode. Then he turned and kind of looked at me and went toward the interior of the complex. From the time John walked away to the time the building collapsed was certainly not more than a half hour or 20 minutes." Wong is the last person to see him alive.

The tower collapsed at 9:59, right? Which means that Wong saw O’Neill at the command center at somewhere between 9:30 and 9:40. Given that the ‘attack’ began at 8:46 – close to an hour previously -- how does the passage tell us anything about what O’Neill did in ‘the minutes after the attack’?

Just what does being ‘in FBI mode’ mean? For O’Neill, looking dapper?

And whence comes the knowledge that ‘Wong [was] the last person to see [O’Neill] alive’?

I’ll not burn the words to show that this paragraph is pure obfuscation, from first word to last; my interest for the moment is not in reportage of O’Neill’s behavior, but rather in the mounting evidence that we can trust virtually nothing we are told by the MSM or its publishing house offshoots. I mean: Can the above be interpreted as anything but a (sloppy) attempt at buttressing the John O’Neill Legend?

Informationally, we in a heapa zeitgeistian trouble, bubba.

As I say, a book -- a thick one -- could be written on the subject of deep state cultural cooption/disinformation.

An observation: If a politically charged current events book is published by one of the mega-houses or is reviewed by The New York Times, odds are it’s in some way disinformation. (This may seem an extreme statement but consider: No books – zero, none – have been published by mega-houses or reviewed by The NYT that in any way include the premise that 9/11 was an inside job. This means that even books that ‘expose’ deep state misdeeds – James Bamford’s Body of Secrets, say – are lying by omission by not dealing with this truth, such are its momentous historical implications.)

But back on subject: There is no evidence that John O’Neill did anything to save anyone’s life during the attacks that morning.

To repeat the litany: Does that sound right?

I ask myself what I would have done, had I been in John O’Neill’s place during that hour and twenty minutes. Two skyscrapers on fire in the upper floors, human beings jumping to their deaths to avoid being burned alive. What would I do?

I’d move heaven and earth to get choppers on those roofs and break down those locked doors.

Who told him to return to the second tower?

Why didn’t John O’Neill at least try to put choppers on the roofs? As Head of Security wouldn’t that have been his responsibility/prerogative? Rather than calling his wife and lovers, why wasn’t he dialing his connections, which by all counts were stupendous.

WTC Janitor William Rodriguez
Related questions: Why was the ‘hero of 9/11’ a janitor? While William Rodriguez (God bless him) was opening locked doors to save lives, where was John O’Neill, who should have been equally concerned about the matter of locked doors?

And again, as head of security of the whole WTC complex, why didn’t he immediately call for the evacuation of the second tower?

According to Murray Weiss’s The Man Who Warned America, O’Neill was in his office on the 34th floor of the South Tower when the North Tower was hit at 8:46. It is difficult to imagine that O’Neill as the Head of Security for the WTC did not have instantaneous office-access to the PA system. If so – and this too bears repeating – then O’Neill was responsible for the announcement telling people to stay at/and return to their South Tower offices. In which case, O’Neill becomes an active colluder in mass murder.

Why is it that not one witness has surfaced telling us what John O’Neill was doing to save lives that morning?An hour and twenty minutes is a long time…

Like that other colluder in the biggest mass murder in U.S. history, Donald Rumsfeld, John O’Neill was MIA.

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