Here's a couple hundreds words from my new book (CYGAWA). The only setup you need: Stephon Alexander is a brilliant young physicist I interviewed at Stanford University while I was researching the screen adaptation of my goofball novel about What It All Means, Cosmic Banditos.

If anyone ever comes close to a real understanding of What It All Means it will be a physicist, someone like Stephon Alexander. It will not be a Pope or an ayatollah or a rabbi or a Buddhist in a monastery or some shitball motherfucker blabbing away on Sunday morning TV. The reason for this is simple: Without knowing how things work-what causes what- there is no possibility of knowing anything else. It's all just words strung together and circular reasoning and specious causation and made up stuff and other crocks of shit. All of it.

Another thing. That Stephon was tempted to dedicate his life to art, to jazz music, is significant also. In fact, Stephon does dedicate himself to jazz music, to playing it on a saxophone, when he's not looking into first causes, i.e., what happened at the birth of the universe.

To sum up: In seeking to understand What It All Means, Stephon Alexander looks into first causes and plays jazz music on a saxophone.

I love that.