"A.C. Weisbecker Out-Gonzos Hunter S. Thompson."
--U.P.I (Cosmic Banditos headline review)

"If you're looking for Hunter S. T's and Kerouac's lost cousin, look no further. In terms of brass balls and lunatic schemes filled with desperadoes, delusions, and dirt roads, Weisbecker goes toe-to-toe with Neal Cassidy/Dean Moriarity any day."
--Jay Sweet Paste Magazine

"I'm fairly well-read and through the years have loved Vonnegut, Hunter S., Kerouac, Bukowski, etc. You're in their league..."
--Brian Olsen (a reader review)

When you eventually click The Writing Life you'll come upon my homage to Kurt Vonnegut, recently passed. KV was an early influence on my writing, no question.