When Robert F. Kennedy was a young lawyer he served as counsel to Joseph McCarthy's House Un-American Activities Committee, participating in a witch-hunt that ruined the lives of many innocent people.

In 1963, while Attorney General under his brother Jack, Bobby sought to expand the 1918 Sedition Act to cover Americans anywhere in the world. (The Sedition Act was an attempt by the United States government to limit freedom of speech.)

On the floor of the House, Representative John Lindsay said of the Kennedy bill: "The abuses to free speech in this bill are so great that even a congressman possibly could be cited and prosecuted for verbal attacks on United States policies and action."

Make of this what you will, but my interpretation is that you have to keep an eye on those government/political bastards, no matter the guise they come in.

On a lighter note: The female praying mantis initiates sex by ripping the male's head off. The reason she does this is the following: The male is incapable of having sex while his head is still on.

Right. Make of this what you will. I'll spare you my interpretation.