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Submission Guidelines


...for crimes against the established publishing order, including fostering the subversive notion that authors deserve respect and support, assuming said authors harbor a love of language, a respect for The Reader’s intelligence, understand and adhere to the principles of storytelling (except when they need to be broken), attempt to expose hypocrisy in all its forms, harbor a deep skepticism toward accepted authorities and wisdoms, never lie in subtext, i.e., knowingly imply an untruth about how the world works, and understand that the belief in untruths about how the world works is the primary reason why the world is so fucked up.

The outlaw gang known as Bandito Books should be considered armed and dangerous and a threat to the established publishing order; right-thinking readers are urged to avoid them at all costs.

Outlaw gangs in publishing must not be tolerated.

For the eZine:
Send Word documents, photos or video links to submissions[at] banditobooks[dot]com. Keep file attachments under 10MB.

If attachments are more than 10MB, mail a CD to Bandito Books, PO Box 2057, Santa Cruz, CA, 95063-2057



The very nature of Bandito Books presupposes a lack of restrictions, i.e., a dearth of the usual bullshit, but since the nature of the publishing animal also presupposes acceptance vs. rejection of “literary efforts” based on criteria – arbitrary as they seem, and indeed, in the final analysis, are – unique to us, please pay attention here.

To put it another way: Although we don’t have submission guidelines, please pay attention to the submission guidelines delineated below.

To put it still another way: If, as I am, you’re a writer of sad and sordid experience, you are already aware of the catch-22-edness of the writing life. (If you’re just starting out, my advice is to forget it. Nothing but discouragement, misery, substance abuse, clinical depression, outrage, homicidal and then suicidal thoughts await, even with us as your publisher.)

We accept submissions for two venues, The Bandito Browser (an online magazine), and hardcopy and e-book publication via Bandito Books.

For The Bandito Browser we will consider virtually any literary effort (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, etc.), preferably less than 3,000 words, plus reproductions of the visual arts (including films), and so forth. Best you peruse The Bandito Browser Sample Issue to see what we’re looking for. But surprise us, too.

There is no pay for publication in The Browser, but you get a link at the end of your effort to wherever you want. When I recommended the surf movie Zen and Zero in my newsletter, its sales went through the roof (for a couple days), jumping in ranking from many thousands to 65. This was with 9,000 subscribers. If that number was 100,000 or a lot more – which we believe The Browser will soon have -- it would have been truly impressive.

Email submissions to submissions[at]banditobooks[dot]com.

To have your book considered for publication:

Send a copy edited manuscript, cover letter and SASE to:
Bandito Books
PO Box 2057
Santa Cruz, CA 95063-2057

Or email a PDF file of the book to submissions [at]banditobooks [dot]com.


For hardcover publication we’re looking for book length efforts of any genre except Romance and Self-help -- none of us can stand them.

We discourage submissions that are “works in progress.” We’ll look at them, but they better knock us out.

We strongly urge you to get at least three objective critiques of your effort before submitting it. Objective is the operative word here. Not friends who will tell you what you want to hear, but tough readers who will call dreck dreck, if necessary.

Get your book copyedited by a professional before you submit it. I failed to do this for the UK edition of my last book and was embarrassed by the typo-rife condition of the ARCs.

You get one shot with us so make it your best.

If you’re a filmmaker, a musician or visual artist, we are looking to branch into the CD and DVD market, and possibly function as art brokers. So if you have music, a film, or art, send it via email attachments (or a link to it), or reproductions via ground mail.

We will only publish/sell creative works that we ourselves would buy, so make sure you’re in tune with our sensibilities. You can peruse The Bandito Browser Sample Issue to get a general idea of our slant, but here are a couple thoughts on the matter, and please keep in mind that all creative works are in some sense stories.

If all that’s going on in your story is what’s going on in your story, you have failed. We will not publish you.

If you do not understand the above, it’s unlikely to work out between us.

If your story does not have an underlying feel of urgency, of a need to communicate something, do not submit it. We will not publish you.

You can submit by email at submissions[at]banditobooks[dot]com or ground mail at PO Box 2057, Santa Cruz, CA 95062-2057. Your ground mail submission should include an SASE; if it doesn’t, you won’t get it back. In any event, BB is not responsible for the loss or damage of material. We will take the utmost care but shit happens.

Expect to wait. We will not be considering submissions until November. Until then we will be consumed with getting Bandito Books (and The Browser) up and running and in the public eye.

Those are our submission guidelines.

Assuming your finger is quivering on the submission trigger, what can we offer you?

First, some bad news: Bandito Books does not offer an advance.

(A good place to say this: If you have a literary agent, good for you! In my writing career, I've had about 20 of the shitball motherfuckers. Anything comes into our Inbox or P.O. Box from a literary agent, we'll cackle then delete or burn the fucking thing. Get my drift?)

On the upside, we will do the following: Give you respect and support, plus market the hell out of your book/work. A promise: You will never hear the words, “I don’t have to read your book to know how long it should be” coming from us. Or, “You’ll never change my mind about anything.” (What the hell am I talking about?)

Our marketing strategy revolves around our online magazine, The Bandito Browser. A lot of time, money, and creativity is going into it, and into garnering subscribers, and a lot of them.

Our overall philosophy is this: If you gain people’s trust by providing them with really good content (free), they will also trust you when you offer a book (or other work or product) and say it’s good. You have a shitload (or more) of such people, well… you get the idea. Again, key is great content, consistently.

Again, check out our first issue and see if you agree that we’re onto something.

Aside from the no-advance downside, we are a publisher in same way that my last publisher, Penguin Putnam, is a publisher. (Your book would be available “wherever books are sold.”) Without the disrespect.

For general comments/insults write to allan[at]banditobooks[dot]com.

Allan Weisbecker

PO Box 2057
Santa Cruz, CA 95063-2057


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