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Every section of has an automatically-generated RSS feed, which makes it easy for webmasters to republish our content on their sites, while also making it easy for readers to watch for updates to categories of interest. If you're a Firefox and Safari user, you can simply click the feed links below to set up "Live Bookmarks" in your Bookmarks Toolbar. These live bookmarks will load the most recent posts each time you start your browser so that you can easily check for updated content. You can also use your favorite standalone RSS reader to collect these feeds.

Webmasters: please feel free to display our RSS headlines and specially-syndicated content (articles with a Star at upper right) on your websites. In doing so, please make sure to keep our content and author credits intact (including links to our contributors' websites), and please make sure to provide a prominent link to, along with our logo or a photo of the Can't You Get Along With Anyone cover, if one is not present in the feed text.

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Free Content for Webmasters:

1. Look for articles with the Shared icon icon near the top right of the page. We've specially-prepped these articles for you by removing all unnecessary styling so they will play nicely on your site.

2. When you see a story with a Shared icon, click the icon. A window will load with all the code you need. Paste the code into your website or blog. Done deal.  Download a sample file here.

OR, there's the lazyman's way:

Aggregating our RSS feeds is the easiest way to re-publish our syndicated content. But many of the pages on our site use scripts that power some of the more entertaining functions, and these functions may not work when called externally. If you're scraping more than just the headlines off our RSS feeds, You will need the following, at least, for some (not all) of the stories on our site:

Available RSS Feeds:

If you run our content on your site, **Make absolutely certain** that you include a prominent link to in the story you run, along with our logo or a photo of the Can't You Get Along With Anyone cover. We're giving away our content for a couple of reasons: (1) Because we believe the quality of our website content will make the world better while entertaining people, and (2) because we want to promote our books, authors and website. If you don't include links to our site, we would consider it to be pretty dickish, at least.

Please also be sure to shoot us an email and let us know you've got us on your site so we can spread the word about what you're doing too.


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