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Press Releases

We've prepared some key information for media outlets looking for information on Allan Weisbecker and Bandito Books. Use the links below to download any desired materials.

Please direct all media inquiries to promogroup[at]banditobooks[dot]com, or call 831-706-2519.

Recent Press Releases:

Critically-Acclaimed Author Announces Free eBook

JUNE 2008, SANTA CRUZ, CA-- Allan Weisbecker, the critically-acclaimed author of In Search of Captain Zero and Cosmic Banditos announced today that he would make his latest memoir, C

An Unlikely Advocate

As writer’s strike drags on, controversial memoir offers rare insight into a writer’s life.

JANUARY 2008, SANTA CRUZ, CA-- Author, screenwriter, surfer and former international pot smuggler Allan Weisbecker’s final conversation with Sean Penn ended with Penn suggesting that Weisbecker “suffer something resembling death”. A year earlier Weisbecker had been forced to physically threaten John Cusack for the pittance he was owed for optioning the movie rights to his first book, Cosmic Banditos, to Cusack’s New Crime Productions.

Allan Weisbecker Interviewed at

Volatile author and screenwriter gives exclusive interview to edgy film website, in which he provides a rare candid insight into the writer's experience in Hollywood...

Can't You Get Along With Anyone? Garners Rave Reviews gives insightful, detailed review of new book, excerpted below:

Debut Publishing Company’s First Effort Breaks Top 1000 in Amazon Sales Rank

Maverick author’s new memoir, “Can’t You Get Along With Anyone?” is first from Bandito Books.


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