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Since Allan's whereabouts are frequently (and sometimes neccessarily) unknown, the problem of a published mailing address had us vexed for quite some time. So we went ahead and set up a PO Box, and every 2 weeks a 3-legged hermaphrodite dressed only in sunglasses and a trenchcoat checked it for us. It was a different hermaphrodite every time. You can only imagine the challenges this presented for us. So we ditched it. Now all the mail goes to the BB webmaster's office, where he promptly rolls joints on it before losing it in a pile of dirty socks.

Bottom line: email is the best way to reach us. But here are all the details, just in case you want to send us something other than a death threat (something like a manuscript, maybe):

Bandito Books, LTD
PO Box 395
Montauk, NY 11954

Phone: 831.706.2519

Email Addresses:

Excuse the fact that we're representing @ as [at] in the addresses below. It's a pathetic means of twarting some spammers from scooping up our addresses so they can try to sell us dick pills.

Editorial/personal insults: allan[at]banditobooks[dot]com

Great Web stuff you want to share: webstuff[at]banditobooks[dot]com

Press Inquiries, Public Appearances, etc: publicity[at]banditobooks[dot]com

eZine and/or Manuscript Submissions: submissions[at]banditobooks[dot]com
[please read our submission guidelines]

Podcast Submissions: imcumming[at]banditobooks[dot]com

Website Tech Support: webguy[at]banditobooks[dot]com



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