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Can't You Get Along With Anyone?

Can't You Get Along With Anyone?
Click on stuff in the collage

My new book (my third) is a memoir entitled Can’t You Get Along With Anyone? A Writer’s Memoir and a Tale of a Lost Surfer’s Paradise.

The book almost killed me to write. Three times.

Move your cursor slowly around the collage above. Where it changes to a hand, click and you’ll bring up little excerpts.

For example, there are three little snippets on different parts of Lisa’s body… and then there’s one under the smaller pistol, in the lower right corner, and which indicates the bizarre and dangerous direction the course of life took in paradise…

The hard cover is now available at soft cover price!  Holy shit!
Can't You Get Along With Anyone?

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“A dangerous tale, filled with insight, humor, lawlessness, heartbreak, and some wicked cool waves.”

--Chicago Tribune

Cosmic BanditosMy first book, about which UPI said in a headline review: "A.C. Weisbecker Out-Gonzos Hunter S. Thompson"


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