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Heading down to Mexico

Hi folks,

As you read this Honey and I are on our way to Mexico, where we'll be working on our film, Water Time; Surf Travel Diary of a MadMan.

And I'll be surfing my ass off. Boy do I need some warm water point waves.

I've taken several months off from post-production to write the essay I linked you to in my last message. Many of you have taken the time (it's long) to read it and respond. Thank you. I feel like it's my unofficial doctorate on the Current State of the Deep State.

In case you missed it, here it is.

I worry. Those of you who have read the essay know some of what I worry about. A year or so ago I urged you to you pack away some essentials of life, mainly food, but also a firearm or two and plenty of ammunition, plus - depending on where you live - various other essentials. Have you done so?

Within five years, maybe a lot sooner, the dollar will cease to be the world's reserve currency. When that happens, the only place to have your money will be in precious metals and prime real estate.

I've got a hectaria (2.2 acres) of land in Costa Rica, and in order to finish Water Time I'm willing to sell half for what I paid for it about five years ago. Half of $160,000 is $80k. That's about $15 a square meter; the going price in the area is $25. Here's a little film I whipped up literally today - it's a rush job and no work of art.

All goes well I'll be building on my half before long.

Meanwhile, I worry, especially about those of you who have been hanging in with me here. I worry about the real economic meltdown that's coming. And I worry about another false flag event like 9/11.

And I worry about a different sort of false flag event. Check out this bit from James Corbett of (I didn't have time to trim it before hitting the road, so bear with the ragged start.)

Yeah, they want to kill the Net as we know it. Here's an example of why.

That's one of the 80 or so hyperlink films I made for the essay. In its own little way it exposes the most horrendous hoax of modern times - the ‘War on Terror.'

I know: It's very very hard to grasp that we could be lied to on that level. But please just consider it. We're being asked to believe the equivalent of the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor then waiting a decade before making their next move.

Also consider this: As I write it's Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.  It's a holiday, in honor of Doctor King, the man. A Federal Holiday. 

On December 9, 1999, a jury of fellow Americans (six black, six white) found the Federal Government to have been complicit in Doctor King's murder. They murder him then declare a holiday in his honor. Do you think George Orwell could have come up with that?

They've got to kill the Net: They can't allow the sort of message that's in my little film to reach you, or even the news that they murdered a man then declared his birthday a holiday. (Did you know that before now?) Or the main message of my essay: an ex-FBI agent supposedly killed on 9/11 and who is known as a hero was in reality a co-conspirator in the mass murder of that day.

If you want to go right to that through-line in the essay, here it is. (The book I was analyzing is Lawrence's Wright's Pulitzer Prize-winning The Looming Tower, which I found to be a pack of lies.)

If you find any flaws in my logic or facts, please let me know. It's a big responsibility to claim that a dead hero is really an alive villain. (While researching the FBI's actions on 9/11, my computer was hacked into; from how it went down my Net guru tells me it almost certainly was the Feds. Good. You get that kind of flak, you must be over the target. Why screw with me if I'm not tweaking a nerve?)

But the Net. They do want to kill it. So let's keep in touch while we can.

Busy busy packing up. I have to screw Honey's cage together for the flight...

Again, thanks to those who have hung in here with me.

I'll be in touch from Down South.


Also thank you for your contributions to Water Time via its Kickstarter page. With some luck and a little help, we'll reach our goal of $10,000 -- if we don't get pledges to that amount we get squat! So please consider even a small donation, just to keep momentum up.



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