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On the Deep State, Denial, September 11th, and Georgie O

Hi folks,

Another long silence: I've been a busy busy boy. Did a Costa Rica trip, went down for three weeks to surf and do some business. Part of the latter was dividing my land there into two parcels so I can sell one and keep one for a possible 'final' home. I now have two adjoining one-acre plots near Playa Negra, a great surf beach. I'll put together a little film on the land but I'll say now that I'm willing to part with one of the parcels for under market value (so I can finish my film).

I'll sell it for what I paid four years ago: $75,000. Really good deal. Look into it. With the coming hyperinflation, 'safe' and prestigious residential land (especially in a place where food falls on your head) is up there with precious metals as the best place to keep your money. (Don't get me started on that!)

The other reason I went down was to change my last will and testament. I'd made out a CR will that left my land to someone who turned out to be... put it this way: It was like I was re-living my last book. I literally had nightmares that I'd croak and this person would gain from it. Enough said. For now.

Okay. The important stuff...

Time for me come all the way out of the closet on certain issues and let the chips fall.

Most of you are aware of my views on 'the deep state' (shadow government, whatever) and what it is capable of, especially given the collusion of the mainstream media, plus most of the so-called 'alternative media.'

The other thing I've been busy on is the writing of an essay on the subject...

'On the Deep State, Denial, September 11, and Georgie O' is what happens when you've spent a good part of the last 5 years studying world affairs and then, as a writer, quite suddenly 'pull the trigger,' i.e., decide to really write about the shit that's been welling up inside you.

For those of you who have some respect for me and my view of the world (based on my three books or whatever), I ask that for now you only trust me on one thing: I really have looked into recent history.  

I feel like I've earned an advanced degree (a Piled Higher and Deeper) in how the world works.

And I feel like this essay is my doctoral thesis.

Before I send you to it, though, a coupla things:

I wrote the essay for people who already have a basic understanding of the extent/magnitude of the lies we've been subjected to over the past half century or so (pretty much since World War II, but mainly starting with the JFK assassination).

Please keep this in mind. This starting premise is at once the essay's strength and its weakness. 'Strength' because it allows me to go deeper in analysis and into details than I otherwise could have. 'Weakness' because it will likely alienate some who are 'on the fence' regarding even the existence of a 'deep state,' let alone that it would be capable of an atrocity like, say, 9/11 (which is only one example).

As I've said, I don't care about those in such heavy denial that no evidence will get through to them; my 'triage' system applies.

To those open-minded fence sitters I'd like to offer to send you a DVD made by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. I believe it to be the best single source in debunking the official conspiracy theory that 'al Qaeda did it.'

So if your acceptance of my essay as worthwhile depends on turning you around on 9/11, and you have a genuinely open mind about the subject, email (I'll be on the road soon) and format your name and address as a shipping label - we'll send you the DVD.

I don't know what more I can do.

Wait. There's one thing I can quickly offer - sort of a 'crash course.' Here's one of the 85 little custom videos I made for the essay as hyperlinks; you've maybe seen some of this footage before, but not quite like this. (The narration is via George Orwell.)

Twenty million dollars of our tax money was spent on a Report (the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST) telling us that three or four normal office fires (desks and drapes burning) on different floors did that.

Are you at least starting to understand the utter contempt in which the deep state holds you and your intelligence? (If you genuinely 'need more information' - if your common sense has taken the day off, say -- I'll send you the DVD; or go to now and let me send it to someone else.)

If you're wondering why I'm doing this, rather than just surfing and enjoying life and maybe writing novels or screenplays: My dad - and many like him -- fought in World War II, presumably to defend our freedoms. This is my version of that.

If you can't understand the above paragraph, or you're uninterested in the truth behind the murder of 3,000 of us and the ensuing illegal wars that have killed a couple million, then I suggest you unsubscribe from this newsletter (many already have). This is the best way to tell me to fuck off. If you just make me 'spam,' I won't know it. Hostile emails roll off my back. Unsubscribe to make a statement.

By the way: I'm not 'obsessed with' 9/11. That event is merely the clearest and most blatant example of what we are up against. As I say, my interest in the truth of recent history goes back to World War II.

Before I send you to my essay, let me repeat: The worth of the essay depends on your knowledge that 9/11 was perpetrated by the elements of the U.S. Government/Military Industrial Complex I refer to as the deep state. If you do not 'know' this but are open to the possibility, email Denise with a shipping label and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth will do its best to educate you. (I bought 100 DVDs so we're limited to that number for now.)

I have taken over two months off from work on Water Time; Surf Travel Diary of a MadMan to construct this very ambitious essay. I'll now get back to finishing the film.

Before you give the essay a look (or unsubscribe), consider checking out Water Time's page. Although your donations (through have been a huge help, I'm still in need of support to finish the film. Via Kickstarter, donations of any amount can be made, and you still can 'get stuff' for helping.

If you haven't seen 'Meet the Producers,' it's still at Everyone seems to love it.

Here's the essay.

If you're 'with me' in my desire to 'wake up' our fellow citizens, consider forwarding the essay and/or the URL to friends and associates. (Even a small donation will help 'kickstart' my page. The better I do, the more prominent they display my project. You might scan the other projects as well; see what folks are doing; it's an interesting website.)

I'll be in touch.


After a certain degree of knowledge, silence becomes complicity.


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