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Volume 1, Number 3: The Big Six-Oh in Mexico

Hi folks,

Today as I write is February 29th. (The delay in sending this out is due to… hey, I’m in Mexico.) If you live on the West Coast you’re probably aware of the macker of a swell that’s been running for a few days. It’s hitting the west facing reefs of mainland Mexico too, big time. Double O, easy.


Been down here over four months months, having spent a month up in Baja, following the route I took on my In Search of Captain Zero journey in 1996 - '98. Found a perfect place to settle down, for a while at least, deep down on the mainland. (I took the Baja/ferry-from-La Paz to Mazatlan.)

As I did on the Zero trip, I shot some still photos, from the road north and from south of Tijuana too. But
the main chronicling I’ve done has been on film (okay, video tape, but I prefer to think film). Fifty hours
worth; I figure the movie I've been blabbing about is three quarters shot.

The edit though… Whoa.

This movie is going to be… different.

It will probably be a year before… I don’t have a title yet… is… In a theater near you!


But meanwhile, I have three short films in mind, the first one is ready now, in rough-cut form, the other two to follow in the late spring and summer.

So stay tuned; I’ll try to keep you entertained or go down trying


The first short film recounts the day and the night of my 60th birthday. Mediocre surf but I persuaded someone to shoot while I was out. I figured my 60th b’day session should be chronicled.

Then The Party.

The Valencia family, whom I know from a previous Mexico visit – and who are sort of the Corleone’s of
this area, if you get my drift -- decided to throw me a party for my 60th birthday. The whole village and
beach showed up for some good mariachi, fine cactus juice and cerveza, and generally raucous doings, including, believe it or not, female impersonators. (Conservative ‘values’ notwithstanding, the Mexican
sense of humor is doing fine here.)

Here's some video from the day of my 60th B-Day:


Aside from The Party, the Valencias did me a serious service over the last month, and I want to return it.

My Lyme disease came roaring back, put me flat on my back; I didn’t leave the house I rent from Esmeralda for a week. They were here every day, bringing soup, fruit, you name it; making the 40 minute run to the pharmacy for antibiotics and to take me to the doctor and whatnot. They’d even bring scraps and bones for Honey and take her on beach walks.

Really kind people.

Mexico HouseAnyway, the place I rent (long term) is part of a three story building right on the point (the only three story building within about 20 miles). Thirty yards to the paddle out at a point wave that’s almost as long as Pavones (and much more makeable). It’s new and they haven’t developed too much of a clientele yet. I told them I’d help rent the other two units. I don’t get anything except a tightening of the bonds with these folks.

So if you’re interested in a surf vacation, or just a vacation, in the ultimate surf house, me as your neighbor (for what that’s worth) Click here. I’ve posted another video and stills. (Feel free to skip down past the stuff you've already read here.)


A little (very little) book business. CYGAWA is selling well, though not spectacularly. But the readership is building; WOM (word of mouth).

As I’ve said, my goal is to have the book read. That’s my goal. Period. The money (sales) will follow, but I don’t often think about it that way. (Maybe once in a while.)

So I want more people to read it, right? How to accomplish this?

How about if I give it away?


So here’s you free download of Can’t You Get Along With Anyone? A Writer’s Memoir and a Tale of a Lost Surfer’s Paradise.

If you haven’t read it, download it and give it a shot. You don’t like the first few chapters, just delete the sucker.

If you have read it or do read it and like it, please forward it to as many people as you want. The whole book is there, beginning to end, cover art, photos and all, just like the hardback.

And do me a favor. Even if you have no real interest in the book, please download it and hold onto it. If something bad happens to me, my “last wish” is that you spread the book everywhere.

Not so much to ask, is it?

But I’d like you to do that anyway, spread it everywhere. (No, I’m no fool: I do believe the word of mouth will make up for the lost sales.)

Thanks, folks. Hang in. I’ll be in touch.



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