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Mission Statement

Welcome to Bandito Books

Bandito Books
brings you
The Bandito Browser

Mission Statement:

With The Bandito Browser, expect the unexpected.

The Bandito Browser will make you laugh and inform you and maybe even move you, with our original stuff and through our combing the Web for the best of the best.

But there’s more. Hang in for a moment.

Allan Weisbecker by Warwick Saint
Photo: Warwick Saint

The Bandito Browser is me, Allan Weisbecker-- writer (books, movies, TV, you name it), photographer, surfer, happy-go-lucky ex-criminal, current angst-ridden fool-- along with my staff and guest authors and artists.

My first two books are in movie development with major stars wanting to play me.

Yet I’m self-publishing my new book, Can’t You Get Along With Anyone? A Writer’s Memoir, and a Tale of a Lost Surfer’s Paradise. (The title came from an incident with my last movie-writing agent.)

Why am I self-publishing? Don’t care? Fine. Then don’t click Why am I self-publishing? Just read on. You get the idea: I respect the different levels of need-of-information of different readers. Click or don’t click the word-links, depending on your curiosity or simply how busy/impatient you are at this moment. Hey: You can subscribe to The Bandito Browser right now (it’s free, never, ever any ads or pop ups, no spamming, an easy one-click unsubscribe). Or read more…

My publishing house, Bandito Books (from Cosmic Banditos, my first book), is unique, as is my marketing approach.

The Bandito Browser is the crux of my plan to publish books, my own and those of other bad boy (and girl) authors, other personas non grata with the powers-that-be. Or authors who have been ignored by mainstream houses that have their heads up their asses. I figure if I earn your trust (the most valuable thing you have to give), when I come out with a book and say it’s good, you’ll buy it.

Bandito Books is going up against the big boys. We’re going to kick some corporate ass, simply by being better and more creative -- and loyal to our authors and our readers.

As people who have read me know, I’m a bit of a renegade, occasionally a subversive one. If you don’t like occasionally subversive renegades, doesn’t matter: I’ll still make you laugh and make you think.

My writing has been compared to Hunter S. Thompson and Kurt Vonnegut, with a bit of Bukowski and Kerouac thrown in; and, lately, with my new book, to Alexandr Solzhenitsyn and Mark Twain. (Whoa! I’ll take that.)

But enough shameless self-promotion (for the moment): Whenever I hear something repeated over and over – doesn’t matter what – I get suspicious. The marketing maxim, “You can’t reach everyone!” and “Find a niche!” and variations thereof, is a good example (as is “We only want to spread democracy!”, or on a more personal level, "You've ruined me for other men!")

Yoda and HUYA have something in common
What does Yoda have to do with HUYA!? Hang in and you'll find out.

So The Bandito Browser is geared to please everyone. Okay, almost everyone. Hold on. What am I thinking? This venture – the e-zine content, the books I’ll publish via Bandito Books – represents my take, my slant on… life and… on What It All Means. No way is it going to please everyone. Like my new book – which has spawned lawsuit threats and death threats, including an implied death threat from a major movie star (Can’t You Get Along With Anyone? says it all) – this e-zine is going to piss some people off. So forget I said that.

Speaking of What It All Means: Ever wonder What It All Means? No? Okay. Then don’t click it.

If you’re a writer, wannabe writer, or serious reader (or a goofy one), subscribing to The Bandito Browser is a no-brainer: I’m a memoirist and I write about writing. When you get to The Writing Life section you'll see what I mean.

If you have a book length or shorter effort to publish, check out our submission guidelines… (use your Back button to return here).

Subscribe and every month you’ll get The Bandito Browser in your Inbox. (Did I mention it’s free and an easy one-click Unsubscribe and that there will be no advertising, pop ups, or spamming?)

OK, Here’s what you’ll find in the Bandito Browser.


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