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An Unlikely Advocate

As writer’s strike drags on, controversial memoir offers rare insight into a writer’s life.

JANUARY 2008, SANTA CRUZ, CA-- Author, screenwriter, surfer and former international pot smuggler Allan Weisbecker’s final conversation with Sean Penn ended with Penn suggesting that Weisbecker “suffer something resembling death”. A year earlier Weisbecker had been forced to physically threaten John Cusack for the pittance he was owed for optioning the movie rights to his first book, Cosmic Banditos, to Cusack’s New Crime Productions.

Is this a posthumous Robert Altman flick? Hollywood fiction? No. It’s Allan Weisbecker’s latest memoir and the first release from Weisbecker’s maverick Bandito Books publishing house. The book is Can’t You Get Along With Anyone? A Writer’s Memoir and a Tale of a Lost Surfer’s Paradise, and, among other things, it offers a darkly hilarious insight into the inner workings of the screenwriting (and memoir writing) process.

Can’t You Get Along With Anyone? follows Weisbecker to the end of the road at the bottom of Central America, picking up where his acclaimed memoir In Search of Captain Zero left off. In 500 careening pages Weisbecker manages to solve a double murder, fall in and out of love, surf his way around Latin America and the Caribbean, write 2 screenplays for major Hollywood stars and watch them dissolve into nothing from inertia and ineptitude, only to wind up on multiple Third World hit lists and an unofficial Hollywood blacklist.

Then he came back to the states and started an independent publishing company, Bandito Books, with his friend and longtime webmaster John Benedetti. Bandito Books is headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA and Montauk, NY.

“With all the shots I take at corporate publishing and Hollywood in general” Weisbecker says, “I figured it would be pretty ironic but incredibly hypocritical if I went and published this book with my former publisher. What I'm seeking is an antidote to the lack of control, the unprofessionalism and the disrespect I've been subjected to in mainstream publishing, plus in the creative joke that is Hollywood. This way, whatever catastrophe comes next, I can be secure and satisfied in the knowledge that I was behind it.”

Weisbecker is currently back in Central America. He’s retracing the footsteps he took 10 years ago on the trip that became In Search of Captain Zero, while writing – and filming this time—the 3rd part of this ongoing true story about the life of a traveling writer and surfer.

Weisbecker has collaborated in screen and television writing with the likes of Michael Mann (Miami, Vice, the Insider, Heat) and Robert Chartoff (Rocky, Raging Bull, the Right Stuff). Weisbecker’s previous books were published (by Penguin Putnam) in 2001 and both have been bought for the movies by major stars – Sean Penn and John Cusack, with Weisbecker adapting for the screen.

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