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Debut Publishing Company’s First Effort Breaks Top 1000 in Amazon Sales Rank

Maverick author’s new memoir, “Can’t You Get Along With Anyone?” is first from Bandito Books.

Santa Cruz, CA, November, 2007

Author, surfer, screenwriter and former pot runner Allan Weisbecker has launched Bandito Books, a Santa Cruz, CA based publisher. The first work from Bandito Books is Weisbecker’s “Can’t You Get Along With Anyone? A Writer’s Memoir, and a Tale of a Lost Surfer’s Paradise”, which hit the Amazon top 1000 within days of release and has garnered scores of 5 star reviews.

The book, the much-anticipated followup to the critically-acclaimed memoir In Search of Captain Zero, tells the story of how Weisbecker finds and ultimately loses his own tropical paradise. During the journey he solves a murder, is betrayed by his lover, his friends and his government, lands on multiple third world hit lists and runs afoul of the powers that be in Publishing and Hollywood circles.

Bandito Books will publish, both in print and via an online magazine, authors who find themselves as outlaws to the established publishing and Hollywood order. The Bandito story is important as yet another example of individuals and artists taking control back from Big Media.

What I'm seeking is an antidote to the lack of control, the unprofessionalism and the disrespect I've been subjected to in mainstream publishing, plus in the creative joke that is Hollywood. This way, whatever catastrophe comes next, I can be secure and satisfied in the knowledge that I was behind it. “ said Weisbecker.



Allan Weisbecker:

Weisbecker has collaborated in screen and television writing with the likes of Michael Mann (Miami, Vice, the Insider, Heat) and Robert Chartoff (Rocky, Raging Bull, the Right Stuff). Weisbecker’s previous books were published (by Penguin Putnam) in 2001 and both have been bought for the movies by major stars – Sean Penn and John Cusack, with Weisbecker adapting for the screen.


Contact: John Benedetti

Company: Bandito Books

Phone: 831-706-2519




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