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Can't You Get Along With Anyone? Garners Rave Reviews gives insightful, detailed review of new book, excerpted below:

Can’t you Get Along with Anyone? is a fast-paced, edgy memoir, and its power lies in its very genre. Although a memoir, the events read like gripping fiction of the highest order. As a reader, you will ask yourself, “How can all this possibly be true? "

Since the October 1 release of Can't You Get Along With Anyone?, Allan Weisbecker's latest memoir, rave reviews have been piling up around the internet. Within days of the book's release, it had reached Amazon's Top 1000 and within a few short weeks had amassed near 100 5-star rave reviews from readers.

Craig Smith of N'East Magazine recently wrote, "If you’ve followed his work, or are any kind of Northeast “waterhead,” this is a must.”

Jimmy Buffet says "Can’t You Get Along With Anyone? is a vividly confrontational must-read for anyone who has friends in jail or in the movie or record businesses."

Eric Blehm, National Outdoor Book Award-Winner: ""Can’t You Get Along With Anyone? takes the gloves off and delivers a punch that transcends memoir. It speeds forward like a train wreck of a psychological thriller."

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