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Allan Weisbecker Interviewed at

Volatile author and screenwriter gives exclusive interview to edgy film website, in which he provides a rare candid insight into the writer's experience in Hollywood... and let's us all know why Sean Penn wished him "something resembling death."

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To put it in Hollywood shorthand, Allan Weisbecker’s life story is like The Endless Summer meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets Blow meets The Player. The best part about it is that he’s survived to tell the tale (barely), and tell a tale he can. He's the author of Cosmic Banditos, perhaps soon to be a major motion picture starring John Cusack; In Search of Captain Zero, perhaps soon to be a major motion picture starring Sean Penn; and Can't You Get Along With Anyone: Writer’s Memoir and a Tale of a Lost Surfer’s Paradise.  He’s got plenty to say, much of it supporting FilmDrunk's suspicions about Hollywood producers vís a vís their intelligence level. Here's a snip:

It took years of working in Hollywood and a critically acclaimed novel (a hilarious farce about the intersection of outlaws, quantum physics, and tequila), Cosmic Banditos, before Weisbecker wised up and realized that, even without making anything up, he was his own best character. Ten years ago, he sold everything he owned to drive to Central America (surfing along the way, of course) in search of an old friend who’d disappeared years earlier, his last correspondence a cryptic postcard signed, “Captain Zero.” What followed was a harrowing journey into the heart of darkness, a memoir full of swashbuckling tales of drug-running and thumbing his nose at polite society (and the consequences thereof) called In Search of Captain Zero.

Weisbecker’s new left-of-center independent publishing company. Bandito Books, recently released it’s first book, Weisbecker’s Can’t You Get Along With Anyone? A Writer’s Memoir and a Tale of a Lost Surfer’s Paradise to rave reviews. The company’s website,, creates a unique integration between their books and next-generation multimedia content by providing a digital extension of their books via photo tours, short films, articles, interviews and other supplementary materials. The website also publishes original works by other journalistic and creative luminaries such as Walter Iooss, Drew Kampion, Jack McCoy and Jamie Brisick.


Contact: John Benedetti

Company: Bandito Books

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