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Surf HERO Camera [010] | Price: $159.99

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The Surf HERO is a quick-release board-mountable mini digital camera. Shoot 56 minutes of video with sound or 5 megapixel photos automatically for over an hour while you surf. Waterproof to 100'. 

The Surf HERO includes two removable mounting options:
Included are a stick-on baseplate and FCS™ compatible plug mounting system. Both systems allow the camera to be quickly attached and removed from your surfboard. The sleek fin plug system requires an FCS™ center fin plug to be installed in top deck of board 9"-11" back from shortboard nose or on nose of longboard.

And there's more!

As an exclusive deal from Bandito Books, you will also get a free SanDisk SD Card (because what fun is a new toy if you can't use it right away?), and a free copy of the surf flick Zen & Zero that retails for $24.95 on amazon.

Make sure and pick yourself up two AAA lithium batteries, because they are not included.

Click on the photos to see some of the cool shots you will be able to get with this camera, and take a look at this video clip of Allan C. Weisbecker's 61st Birthday Sessions 2009 ...all of the water shots were done using the GoPro Surf HERO camera.

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