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We Approach Our Martinis With Such High Expectations [007] | Price: $24.99

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Jamie Brisick is one of those lucky few who has managed to spend the majority of his adult life traveling the globe. Through his lifelong connection with the surfing world, first as a professional surfer and later as the editor of Surfing Magazine and currently as a freelance writer for a number of magazines he has found himself traveling from Brazil to Bali, Paris to Hawaii, Fiji to New York and points beyond. It's only natural that Brisick would accumulate a powerful and diverse collection of images on his journeys, and equally natural that he would have words to go with them. Whether they are travel sketches, philosophical musings or barstool rants, Brisick aspires to agitate, educate and entertain, sometimes all at once. It's a collection of visceral, vivid, joyous images and thoughts from a unique and not always serious perspective.

We're listing this one in both the "books" and "cool" categories of our store, because it's a book that's very cool.

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